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  • The Book Blogger tag: Behind the screen

    Have you ever done the Book Blogger tag before? If you have not feel free to answer these questions here or on your blog. Let us talk.

  • Tag: Behind the blogger

    I have been talking about my favorite and not-so favorite books and book related things here for a while a long time now. But how much I have divulged about me, the face behind the blog? Yes, I can hear it – I have spoken about myself quite a lot. And here is more. I am […]

  • Tag: My blog’s name in books

    I have been seeing this tag for a long time now and here I am finally trying to write my name with books from my TBR. So let us get on with the My blog’s name in books tag, okay? I hope it doesn’t turn out too difficult with all the repetitive letters, but hey, I like […]

  • Tag: Why I am weird

    Time for another tag but this time it is a non bookish one. I had Renee add me on this Why I am weird tag and I realized it was finally an opportunity to talk about myself again. So are you ready for this?  Why I am weird tag – Rules: List ten weird things about […]

  • Tag: Seven things I like in a book

    Let us be honest. Not all books are equal nor do they all make us weep or laugh with them. They all tell us a story but yet not all of them become our favorites. Have you given a thought about what are the things that make us like a book? I found this #7ThingsILikeInABook […]

  • Tag: Types of Memes – bookish version

    Don’t we all love some memes? I know I know. They are things that everyone hate or love and there is no in between and you can’t escape them, right? Okay so I was looking around for a tag that I have not done and saw this fun tag so I thought why not. right? […]

  • Tag: Book blogger’s Two truths and a lie – Can you spot them?

    I love doing tags on my blog. Not just answering the tag questions through a post, but I really love reading them on others blogs as well. It is a great way to get to know the bloggers up and close as they reveal personal little details about them. (It didn’t sound as creepy until […]

  • A-Z Bookish Questions: Tag

    It has been a while since I did a bookish tag on my blog and that is when I stumbled upon the A-Z bookish questions tag on Youtube. The tag is pretty simple. I get to answer questions that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Sounds easy, right? No. My mind went completely blank […]

  • Tag: I Spy Books!

    I was hopping around the blogoshpere looking for inspiration to strike me outta somewhere to write a post. Okay I have been saying that for the past two weeks and nothing worked. Until, yes there is an until. Until I saw this tag from Kristina of Books and Dachshunds called I Spy Book. The rules […]

  • Tag: Sunshine Blogger

    I have no idea how long it has passed since I did the last tag and I had to jump in at the chance when I was tagged by Clo from Book Dragons as Sunshine blogger and answer questions. I mean who would not like to talk about themselves and books and blogging right? Rules […]