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  • One With The October’19 Updates: Sunday Musings #59

    What better way to meet you all after a long gap than a monthly update post? So here I am with the October update. While I feel like have to search for words to type and things to say, I am sure it is just that I feeling a bit rusty and it would get better […]

  • Flyaway Friday: Getting To Know The Japanese Better

    What are your favorite things about Japan? Is there something that I missed? Did you know any of these Japanese phrases earlier? Let us chat.

  • Flyaway Friday: Books set in Japan

    I am so excited for this post. Yes let us talk about books set in Japan, one of the countries that I am kinda creepily obsessed about, under the Flyaway Friday feature. Can you blame me? What is Flyaway Friday? Ok let us back up a bit first.  On Fridays, I take you guys virtually […]

  • Flyaway Friday: Pack your bags for a trip to Japan!

    Isn’t it time for another trip already? You don’t have to actually pack the bags for the trip, bet you know that. But a little preparation never hurts right? So read along and you will find interesting tidbits about Japan to make our following Flyaway Fridays fun.  What is Flyaway Friday? If you are still […]

  • Flyaway Friday: Books that will take you to Netherlands

    Welcome to the second week on Netherlands’ edition of the Flyaway Friday! Are you ready to fly off to the Land of Tulips? We even gave you a travel guide to Netherland last week. Do not forget to check it out! Books That Will Take You To Netherlands You do know how we travel to […]

  • Flyaway Friday: Books that will take you to Italy

    Welcome to another episode of Flyaway Friday edition and we are visiting Italy this week through the best mode of transportation available – through books. I hope you did prepare yourself for the trip with some basic stuff. Let us start shall we? Historic Fiction books set in Italy The Wedding Officer by Anthony Capella […]