55+ Instagram story ideas for business

55+ Instagram story ideas for business

Instagram stories business are a great way to communicate to your customers and share with them glimpse of your world. But coming up with those Instagram story ideas for your business is harder than you thought, right?

Do not worry, here I am with more than 50 Instagram story ideas for your business, and now you can keep your customers hooked and even convert them into warm leads easily.


Why Instagram stories are important than ever?

I know everyone is talking about Instagram stories, reels and live again and again. But have you ever given a thought on why are they so critical?

Keeps your account active

Instagram stories puts your account on top and there is more chance that your followers see your stories than you feed.

As the stories are arranged chronologically, the more often you post, the higher the chances of your story to be viewed by others.

Helps competing with bigger brands

While the Instagram stories are shown chronologically, the feed is not. And unless you have a very strong following, your post on your feed can get lost.

And as a creative entrepreneur and a small business, it can be harder for you to compete with the big brands.

They are more natural and authentic

We all know the amount of effort and planning that goes into creating your Instagram feed to look the way it is. And your audience will love you for that.

But Instagram stories are little more spontaneous and thus, real. Given that they last for just 24 hours, you can afford to be little “on the go” and be creative about your posts.

Better engagement with your followers

Instagram stories are often the gateway to beginning conversations with your followers and warm leads.

By asking them to answer a poll or your questions, they are giving you a space to speak to them via DM (Direct Messages). Utilize this power responsibly to cultivate relationships with them.

Instagram story ideas for business

Now that you know how critical Instagram stories are for your business, let me show you some story ideas that you can adapt as your own.

  1. Show your wins, even if they are small.
  2. Show what you are working on for the day
  3. Show your working process – Behind the screen
  4. Show your workspace
  5. Show off your packaging style
  6. Get your customers to post the unboxing of your products
  7. Capture the before and after of your work in progress
  8. Share educational guides and tutorials relevant to your prodcuts
  9. Share the screenshots of testimonials and reviews received
  10. Help your customers know your products better
  11. Teach your customers how to use your products
  12. Share DIY tips related to your products
  13. Answer relevant FAQs
  14. Offer a behind-the-scenes look at your unpacked products
  15. Teasers for your new product/service launch
  16. Count down for a new product launch
  17. Collaborate with related accounts for a takeover
  18. Share your failures and lessons learned
  19. Share productivity tips
  20. Talk about role models whom your audience could relate to
  21. Run a trivia contest
  22. Ask questions about your products and offer a discount to the winner
  23. Play games with your followers
  24. Run quizzes with AR effects
  25. Create This or that templates and ask them to tag you with answers
  26. Share seasonal updates, if relevant to your products
  27. Reward your loyal customers with “followers only” deals
  28. Run a customer spotlight
  29. Share experience of a customer (only with their consent)
  30. Ask your followers what they want to see on your story
  31. Run an “ask me anything” question
  32. Share user generated content
  33. Show us your morning routine
  34. Show us how you plan your day
  35. Introduce your team
  36. Ask your employee’s to takeover your story for a day
  37. Take a tour of your office
  38. Create your own hashtag and challenges
  39. Create a regular series on Instagram stories (#sundayfunday #Mondayplans #tuesdaytips etc)
  40. Preview an upcoming post or video
  41. Share your latest post from your feed
  42. Share your posts from your other platforms (blog, Tiktok, Twitter etc)
  43. Share latest posts from accounts you love
  44. Recommend a service or a product you loved
  45. Post about your giveaway/contest
  46. Share Shout-outs or press features
  47. Share your favorite quote
  48. Repurpose and update your old content from your feed post into a new story
  49. Go live on Instagram live and share about your day
  50. Share your daily update with a location
  51. Show off skills (cooking, art etc)
  52. Follow a meme/trend
  53. Share inspirational content
  54. Share what inspires you to create
  55. Share valuable and relevant DMs
  56. Share your top 5 lists of ….
  57. Share your favorite tool or tip that you recently learnt
  58. Show your night time routine.

Do’s and don’ts for Instagram stories for business

But before I conclude, I just want to share a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to Instagram stories for your business.

  • Don’t Just Promote Things

Use your story feature to create relationships, rather just using them to promote your product.

  • Show Your Personality

Make your stories fun and creative. Pepper in a bit of your personality, rather than copying others idea.

  • Use hashtags

Did you know that you can use hashtags on your stories as well?

  • Make use of highlights

Don’t forget to add important and relevant stories to your highlights as well. A highlight can act as a menu for your Instagram.

  • Don’t post too often

Last but not the least, avoid posting many stories at a time. Your followers might get bored/annoyed and ignore your posts.


There you have it, an extensive list of story ideas that would keep your Instagram account active and kicking. So what are you waiting for? Start posting on your Instagram stories right today. Feel free to tag me elgeewrites, for an extra bump for your business.

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55+ Instagram story ideas for business

Bullet journal ideas for books and reading

With the New Year just around the corner, it is time to pull out your planners for tracking your TBRs and reading challenges for 2021. Here are some bullet journals spread ideas for book lovers to organize your reading schedule.

Bullet Journal ideas for books and reading

I love lists and planners. But as someone with minimal artistic talent, I totally suck at bullet journaling (or BuJo). Of course, that doesn’t stop me from drooling over these amazing bullet journal set ups over Instagram. How about you?

Reading list

I usually have a hard time choosing my next read, often. Having a reading list for the month or week, or even the year would be a great idea for your reading bullet journal set up. These are some of the ones that I loved for your inspiration.

Bullet journal ideas reading list
Credit: kaylasbookgram
Bullet journal ideas reading list
Credit: reyanoenikki
Bullet journal ideas reading list
Credit: robinwilljournal
Bullet journal ideas reading list
Credit: bujoprincessx
Bullet journal ideas reading list
Credit: lillebujo
Bullet journal ideas reading list
Credit: darlingjournals

Tracking your reads

How do you track what your reading habits? I do so on notion and excel but BuJo spreads are much more fun and interesting, especially if you are artistically inclined. Here are some bullet journal set ups to help you track what you read during the month.

Bullet journal ideas tracking your reads
Bullet journal inspiration tracking your reads
Bullet journal ideas tracking your reads
Bullet journal ideas tracking your reads
Bullet journal ideas tracking your reads

Know your reading habits

I love being able to look at how my reading style and habits have been over the year or month. Bullet journals can help to do just that too.

Bullet journal ideas reading habits
Bullet journal ideas reading habits
elgeewrites Bullet journal ideas for books and reading morenamonologues
Bullet journal ideas reading habits

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Do you use BuJo for tracking your reading? If not, how do you keep up with your reading challenges? Which is your favorite bullet journal idea? Let us chat.

55+ Instagram story ideas for business

How using Instagram for books and reading changed my life

Like many other trends, I joined Instagram for books and reading a bit later than everyone else. I genuinely thought it was another platform that bookworms, among other people, use to procrastinate while the books in their TBR shelves collected dusts. (Am I wrong or am I wrong?)

I joined the bandwagon with much innate skepticism, thanks to the peer pressure and the allure of getting more free books to review from the publishers. Let us face it, we bookworms are all greedy for free books

And boy, am I a convert! From someone who didn’t even have the Instagram app on her phone, I have become a person I hardly recognize – especially when I took 25 minutes to buy a coffee mug, which is now visible on every alternate photo I post on Instagram. It just not that.

Bookstagram has changed so many things for me including my reading habits. Oh let me tell you how!

Positive Changes – Instagram for books

Finding book clubs and more discussions

Thanks to Bookstagram, I met some amazing people online and one thing lead to another. And BAM! I am now a member of four book clubs in Instagram that are actually active.

book Instagram reading changed life Book club
Credit: GIPHY

We have book of the month, and most of us religiously read and DISCUSS them, which is what I was craving for like any book worm would.

Keeping up with the challenges

I have always been meaning to read more classics and revisit the novels of the queen of mystery Dame Agatha Christie. And while on Instagram I found the book clubs that have members who want to do that as well, and that has helped me keep up my resolution. 

I have read seven Agatha Christie books and six classics since joining the group in 2019, which is quite a feat for me. But all thanks to reading Instagram and the book clubs that keep me on my toes.

Understanding the importance of representation

I cannot stress enough how much I depend on social networks on keeping me updated with the current state of affairs and issues. As someone who is living out here in the deserts of Dubai, I need all the help I can get. 

book Instagram reading changed life Diversity
Via Giphy

Bookstagram and Twitter are the sole reasons that I have been finding out diverse representation in books. Without them I would not have known what to look for and mainly why they matter. I am still learning y’all!

Reading more regularly and rigorously

I am generally a mood reader which means I either read ten books a month or read nothing for the next two months. And choosing which book to read next usually took a lot of time in general. It still does. But joining bookstagram helped me keeping track of what I read and updating my reading progress regularly has made me more accountable. 

book Instagram reading changed life Read more

Having to talk about books on a schedule has made me read more rigorously and regularly. I think the pressure(?) that the bookstagram schedules has been putting on me and it works well on me.

Falling for the book covers

I think I was one of those rare bookworms that never gave a second thought about the book covers. Especially since I have a weird habit of not reading the synopsis (or blurb) before reading the book, I didn’t really take much time to appreciate the beautiful cover of the book.

Then bookstagram happened. Now the first thing I see about a book is the cover. I appreciate the designs, fonts and colors of the cover lot more and I am enjoy doing that. 

Reading more Young Adult books

Bookstagram plays a huge role in the books I read and since the young adult books are the most popular ones I have been picking a lot of them recently.

It is a good thing because I don’t usually reach out for them and they are a great alternative to the classics and mystery novels that I read for the book clubs. Also because YA is where most representations and current issues are being addressed currently.

Negative Changes – Instagram for books

Looking out for popular book

Let’s face it. At the end of the day it is the numbers that matter, even in Bookstagram. And it may not come as surprise that posting about popular books is inevitable to gain popularity and engagement.

So I have been reading so many popular books of late, many that I wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been for Bookstagram. Not that I haven’t enjoyed them nor all of them were bad, but I am sure I could have spent the time better, knocking off some book of my TBR list. 

I hope sincerely that more Bookstagrammers started posting about books from Own voices, POC authors and independent publishers as well, which is becoming rare due to all the number games. 

The feeling of being left out 

Continuing the above theme, I have come to realize that ‘doing our own thing’ is more difficult with Instagram than book blogging. 

Instagram books reading FOMO
Credit: GIPHY

I generally do not read much of fantasy and SciFi genres and they constitute almost half the new releases these days. So it is kinda inevitable but to feel left out seeing all these beautiful books that I might never read.

It is really a short ride from the fear of missing out to feeling guilty about the reading choices.

Giving in to the schedule pressure

I am trying so hard not to do this and I hope the day never comes, that my Instagram feed will consist of so many books that I never have read before.

The pressure of having a schedule and the need to talk about new books shouldn’t end up in just adding a picture and not forget the existence of the book.

Yes I know I have a lot of them currently on my shelf but I hope Bookstagram doesn’t add more to that bunch.

Giving up lesser known books

We book bloggers want it all. We want to read so many books in so little time. The cost of reading the most popular books comes at missing out the other great ones. 

I sometimes miss giving in to the mood and picking a random book off the shelf. And the pleasure of buying never heard of books based on the quirky title off a second hand books shop. 

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Let’s Chat

Are you on Instagram for books and reading and more importantly, are you following me? And has it affected your reading habits at all, or is it just me? I would love to hear from you, in the comment section. Let us talk.