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  • Book review: An Unexpected Afterlife

    What if you were resurrected and your religious world was all ready to believe in it until you literally are resurrected? Would they understand you are the one that fulfills that prophecies? How would the modern world accept it?

  • Book Tag: Reader Problems

    I have been tagged by Dorka from Berries and Books to do a question and Answer session on Reader problems. All I had to do was reply to the questions truthfully and tag friends who would be interested in doing the tag. 

  • Why I do not rate books on my blog?

    I started Musings Over Nothing as a personal catalog of the books that I read among other things. About 7 years ago (when I had not met Goodreads) I wanted a place to pour out all my thoughts and feelings about books, as if making my friends bored was not enough. And, I started writing […]

  • What changes Hulu made to The handmaid’s tale, my favorite book

    I have made it clear to everyone around me – on online and in real life, that I am besotted with The handmaid’s tale, both the book and Hulu’s teleseries. I have not stopped talking about to anyone who would listen about it. You can read my thoughts about the book version of The handmaid’s tale […]

  • 10 reasons why I hate your book – Part 2

    How often do you quit a book you do not enjoy? What makes you stop putting yourself through hell? When do you say “I hate your book”?

  • 10 reasons why I hated your book – Part 1

    I am, like several others here, a reading addict. I read everything I can lay hands on, though the number of books I read has become drastically fewer these days. I push myself to be selective about the books I choose to read, and I almost have a half read book always at my arm’s […]

  • Review: 13 Reasons Why

    Everyone I know has been raving about the TV series. I have always fallen for books that had characters that dealt with dark, depressed and suicidal thoughts. I don’t think anyone likes happy, chirpy teenagers anymore. Oh we also adore nerdy, socially awkward teens. (Sarcasm, peeps). Book Name: Thirteen Reasons Why Author: Jay Asher Genre: Fiction YA Characters: Hannah Baker, Clay Jensen, Alex Standall, Bryce […]

  • Book Review: Nobody’s baby but mine

    I generally do not give a review to any book that has not touched my heart. There have been a very few books that touched mine as much as this- in a negative way. If I don’t like a book, I usually move away and forget about its existence but this book has won my […]

  • Book Review: Heaven, Texas

    What soothes the mind of a gloomy tired lass, on yet another sleepless night? Funny that a sad damsel in distress gets soothed hearing or reading about another one. I felt totally ‘in’ for a whole night read into this grown up version of Mills & Boons. Yes judge me all you can, but I […]