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  • Ten weird things bookworms do

    Here is a quick list of the weird things bookworms do as to make the lives of the non bookish people living around us. Then maybe they won’t have to worry every time you burst into tears because a character died.

  • Book covers that made me question my sanity – Part two

    If it were up to us, the bookworms, every book would have a great plot and well written. But sadly that is not the case! And we come across some not so great books often and a few even test our sanity.  Earlier, we came up with┬ásome books with ridiculous titles and insane book covers […]

  • Ten ridiculous book titles that make me question my sanity

    You remember a while ago we shared a good laugh at some of the weirdest book covers, don’t you? I thought it would be more fun to share a similar post but with a twist. Yes here are a few ridiculous book titles that make me reconsider the amount of time I am spending on […]

  • How I Choose My Next Read? AKA. Finding A Method To My Madness

    I think I may have a problem.  No not the one with my having a never ending list of TBR books (is that a problem even? Doesn’t everyone have that?) And it is not about feeling guilty about all the book reviews that are pending. But thanks for reminding me of that. And the one […]

  • Eight book covers that made me go – WTF!

    Of course we are going to judge a book by its covers. Let us be honest, does any one follow that proverb in its literal sense. More often than not, it works so well. So well that they tell us off some books. I am sure you have seen some interesting covers on books. Who […]