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  • Ramadan Kareem: Sunday Musings #76

    As you might know already, we have been celebrating the holy month of Ramadan in the UAE since April for about 30 days now. Due to the current situation with Corona virus, the celebration has been kinda subdued and there are restrictions towards what can be done, as well.  A little bit about Ramadan 2020 […]

  • March 2020 – life updates: Sunday Musings #69

    How are you all doing? I am grateful that the whole of March 2020 is done now and we are into a new month. Despite everything that is saying in the contrary, I am excited to step into April. And it is just not about being my birthday month, but also because.. Okay I am […]

  • A week that was a fast blur: Sunday Musings #60

    This week was a fast blur for me. We just moved apartments and the whole house looks like a mess currently. And I am expecting guests on Tuesday, so I need to get settled in two days. So God help me! On other news, I finished my first 5K on Friday for the Dubai Run, […]

  • One With The October’19 Updates: Sunday Musings #59

    What better way to meet you all after a long gap than a monthly update post? So here I am with the October update. While I feel like have to search for words to type and things to say, I am sure it is just that I feeling a bit rusty and it would get better […]

  • Sunday Musings #55: I am visiting India

    This week has been hectic for me, even though I am unable to recall what exactly I did. I am sure it consisted of planning for my visit to India this week and tying up things here before we left. But I am sure I have not got them all.  And you heard it right. […]

  • Sunday Musings #53: Meet Ups And A Surprise Find

    This week could have been ‘jus nother one’ but for something we found yesterday. We hunted down the couch like the one in the TV series Friends! My friends and I are currently working on something ‘not so serious’ and we needed a hangout spot and this is where we ended. We literally didn’t get […]

  • Sunday Musings #52: Wondering If Friendships Are Difficult As Adults

    I wish it wasn’t as hard to keep up with each other as adults. Do you ever feel friendships become more difficult to maintain as we grow into adults? After so many cancellations, I caught up with some of my friends yesterday and I can’t believe how three hours just flew away. We discussed from […]

  • Sunday Musings #50: One With the May’19 Updates

    The holy month of Ramadan is coming to an end and that means we have a week long holiday starting today. Initially I had planned to take a trip back home to India during the holidays, but then I almost had a heart attack just seeing the sky rocketed ticket prices. So now I will […]

  • The Summer Is Coming – Just Dubai Things: Sunday Musings #49

    Imagine Winterfell from Game of Thrones, where everyone is wearing fur coats, there is snow everywhere and then they keep saying the winter was coming as if it is not at all cold then. Well that is what we are doing in Dubai, except with summer. It is so hot at 100 F even in […]

  • Happy Mother’s Day! Sunday Musings #47

    Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you wished your mother. If you are a mother yourself I hope you got a day off for yourself and your family treated you special today! I will be calling my mother soon as this post goes up.  And on the other news, the summer is already here and the […]